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The King's Face


English Name: The King's Face
Korean Name: 왕의 얼굴
Genre: Action, Historical, Romance, Thriller
Episode: 24
Channel: KBS2
Broadcast period: 19 November 2014 To 11 February 2015
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00



A historical drama that chronicles the rocky path and struggles of Crown Prince Kwanghae to became King.

Since Kwanghae (Seo In Guk) was born from a concubine and only appointed as Crown Prince in a desperate measure, many dissatisfied officials from Northerner faction often plotted for his assassination and dethronement for 16 years. He also often quarreled with his father, King Seonjo (Lee Sung Jae), especially regarding Kim Ga Hee (Jo Yoon Hee). Both son and father will fight against each other in favor of her.

However, he eventually managed to overcome the obstacles by the help of Physiognomist, Kim Do Chi (Shin Sung Rok) and become the next king. Meanwhile, Gwiin Kim (Kim Kyu Ri) is King Seonjo’s royal concubine.



Main Cast

Full Cast

Main Cast

Seo In Guk as Prince Kwanghae
Lee Sung Jae as King Seonjo
Jo Yoon Hee as Kim Ga Hee
Shin Sung Rok as Kim Do Chi
Kim Kyu Ri as Gwiin Kim

Supporting Cast

Lee Soon Jae as Baek Kyung
Kim Myung Gon as Song Nae Gwan
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee San Hae
Song Min Hyung as Yoo Seung
Kim Bang Won as Kang Jin Yeol
Lee Byung Joon as Kim Gong Ryan
Park Joo Hyung as Prince Imhae
Lee Ki Young as Go San
Im Ji Eun as Queen Park
Jo Won Hee as Kim Doo Seo
Kim Hyun Sook as Ga Hee’s mother
Choi Chul Ho as Jung Yeo Rim
Lee Tae Kyung as Jin Young
Im Soo Hyun as Song Wol
Choi Kang Won as Oh Gil
Yoon Bong Kil as Im Young Shin
Lee Sang In as Jin Young
Oh Eun Ho as Court Lady Oh
Go In Bum as Jang Soo Tae
Baek Jae Jin as Moo Cheol
Kim Hee Jung as Crown Princess Yoo
Ji Seo Yoon as Hong Sook Yong
Won Duk Hyun as Prince Shinsung
Park Joon Mok as Prince Jungwon
Min Song Ah as Court Lady Park
Kim Yul as Gab Yi
Joo Jin Mo

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