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English Name: Spotlight
Korean Name: 스포트라이트
Genre: Romance
Episode: 16
Channel: MBC
Broadcast period: 14 May 2008 To 03 July 2008
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55



Hours and days of effort go into preparing a 1-minute TV news story. Behind the scenes, office politics and frantic activity takes place and this TV drama illustrates the daily lives of network reporters as authentically as possible.
Woo-jin (actress Sohn Ye-jin) passed the highly competitive process of joining the news bureau of a major TV network to achieve her dream of becoming an anchorwoman. While undergoing the grueling first years as a cub reporter in the society newsdesk, she comes across a few bitter experiences. No matter how hard she works, her Cap, Oh Tae-seok(actor Ji Jin-Hee) somehow always finds fault with her abilities and it drives Woo-jin into a rage. But she finds the strength to rebound and channels her anger into fighting back and becoming a hard-hitting investigative journalist. At first, she wanted the prestige of becoming an anchorwoman but through Oh Tae-seok’s hard training, she grows into a true journalist. She begins to develop a respect for Oh Tae-seok as a mentor and gradually falls in love with him….
Woo-jin is an aggressive journalist on the society newsdesk of GBS newsroom, who will do anything it takes to get a scoop. Woo-jin successfully interviews a fugitive but she rubs the police the wrong way because she interfered with their manhunt. The officers confiscate the tape that contains the interview. Through a series of events, she is able to recover the tape but since it has no audio track it cannot be aired on the 9 o’clock news. Everyone blames Woo-jin for not taping the interview correctly and she finds her job in a tenuous position.
Amidst her troubles, reporter Oh Tae-seok returns to the bureau as Woo-jin’s boss. The appearance of Tae-seok creates tensions in the newsroom. On the first day of Tae-seok’s appearance, he harshly reprimands Woo-jin and they get off to a bad start.
Woo-jin grows into a better reporter after handling a variety of assignments and Tae-seok looks on with approval of her progress. He becomes enamored with the person he mentored. Tae-seok transforms Woo-jin into a better journalist and those changes also open up Tae-seok’s heart. As Woo-jin and Tae-seok take on difficult assignments where they are threatened and pressured to back off, they develop a camaraderie that grows into feelings of love. Woo-jin gradually becomes a brilliant journalist who no longer needs any guidance from Tae-seok.
Meanwhile, Woo-jin is in the running to become the new co-anchor of GBS Nightly Spotlight after she wins the prestigious Press Award for Excellence in Reporting.
She appears as the new co-anchor of the 9 o’clock news and Tae-seok looks at his erstwhile mentee with pride but also a touch of sadness.
Why didn’t he have the guts to tell Woo-jin that he wanted to be with her? Tae-seok heads to the airport on his foreign correspondent assignment while cursing his lack of courage.
But at the airport he finds Woo-jin, who had sped to the airport after delivering her the news, waiting for him.
Misty-eyed, they hug each other.
Woo-jin and Tae-seok then take their relationship to the next level.



Main Cast

Full Cast

Ji Jin Hee as Oh Tae Suk
Son Yeh Jin as Seo Woo Jin
Jo Yoon Hee as Yang Myung Eun
Jin Goo as Lee Sun Chul

Extended Cast

Kim Jung Wook as Seo Woo Hyun
Kim Bo Kyung as Lee Joo Hee
Ahn Suk Hwan
Lee Gi Yul
Jung Hye Young (cameo)
SS501 (cameo)

Original Soundtrack

  • Ost. Spotlight (Coming Soon)

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