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English Name: Neighborhood Hero
Korean Name: 동네의 영웅
Other Name: Local Hero
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Episode: 16
Channel: OCN
Broadcast period: 23 January 2016 To 13 March 2016
Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 23:00



Former secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar and sympathizes with their pain. He then meets a young man, Choi Chan Kyoo (Lee Soo Hyuk) who works as a temporary employee. Choi Chan Kyoo wants to become a police officer. Baek Shi Yoon trains him as a secret agent and they fight together against evil.



Main Cast

Full Cast

Main Cast


Park Shi Hoo as Baek Shi Yoon

Jo Sung Ha as Im Tae Ho

Lee Soo Hyuk as Choi Chan Kyoo

Kwon Yu Ri as Bae Jung Yeon

Yoon Tae Young as Yoon Sang Min

Jung Man Shik as Jung Soo Hyuk


People Around Baek Shi Yoon


Song Jae Ho as President Hwang

Park Soon Chun as Joo Hee

Choi Yoon So as Seo Ahn

Ji Il Joo as Jin Woo


People Around Im Tae Ho


Jin Kyung as Seon Yeong

Lee Soon Won (이순원) as Han Joon Hee


People Around Choi Chan Kyoo


Ji So Yun as Yee Joon


People Around Bae Jung Yeon


Kim Bo Mi as So Mi


People Around Yoon Sang Min


Lee Chul Min as Jo Bong Chul


People Around Jung Soo Hyuk


Ahn Suk Hwan as Park Sun Hoo




Lee Han Wie as Team Leader Song

Kang Nam Kil as Seo Joon Suk

Kim Hyuk

Yoo Hye In

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Original Soundtrack

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