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Ho Goo's Love


English Name: Ho Goo's Love
Korean Name: 호구의 사랑
Other Name: Fool’s Love
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episode: 16
Channel: TvN
Broadcast period: 09 February 2015 To 31 March 2015
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00



This drama is based on webcomic “Hogooui Sarang” by Yoo Hyun Sook which was published from 2013-March-16 to 2014-May-10 via “cartoon.media.daum.net”.

Kang Ho Goo (Choi Woo Sik) has a twin sister, Ho Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung). He has tried to pass the civil service examination, but has failed for 7 years. One day, he meets Do Hee (UEE). She was the most popular girl when they were in the same high school. They spend the night together, but the next morning he finds a baby next to him and Do Hee is gone.



Main Cast

Full Cast

Choi Woo Sik as Kang Ho Goo
UEE as Do Do Hee
Im Seul Ong as Byun Kang Chul
Lee Soo Kyung as Kang Ho Kyung (Ho Goo’s twin sister)
Song Ji In as Byun Kang Chul’s co-worker
Han Geun Sub
Jung Won Joong
Park Ji Il
Oh Young Shil
Choi Duk Moon
Choi Jae Hwan
Lee Shi Un

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